Mar 30

Weak in the knees | Michigan Boudoir Photographer


It’s March in Michigan and the birds are chirping and the buds are blooming. It’s simply gorgeous.  I was sitting outside enjoying this beautiful spring weather thinking about upcoming shoots I have planned and how my career took an interesting turn…Boudoir. Really? Why do I love Boudoir soooo much? And just like that….it came to me. My clients. I adore my clients.

Each brings a different story, different experience, different reason to why they are here. Most are nervous and excited, while others are sidetracked or busy sneaking around so their husband won’t ruin the surprise.

I realized there are few defining moments during your boudoir process that just make me, well….weak in the knees. Here they are:

1.  Reading your questionnaire— You see, my sentimental self, weeps, laughs and smiles every time I read a questionnaire. I ask a few personal questions. I want to know why you are here. I want to know what you love. And just like that…I relate to you and understand why you are my client.

2. The moment during your shoot (typically 3-10 minutes in) when you let loose—- I see your shoulders dip and loosen, your natural smile shines through.  By now, I’ve shown you one or two shots (that’s it, sorry) on the back of my camera—and you are EXCITED. I see your face light up when you realize how amazing you look. That is when I turn up the tunes and we have a blast!!

3. The response when you see your photos for the first time—- Ahhh, I live for this moment. I honestly think I get more excited than you do. Most of the time, I can’t edit fast enough.

4. The Sig Other reaction—- Ahhh, when I get a text from a boyfriend or husband I get pretty mushy inside. It is sooo freaking cool.

Here is a little sneak into a sweet girl I shot recently. She was a referral from a past client and when I finally met her (day of her shoot), I felt like I knew her for years. You see, her and I were text buddies, for months, constantly texting ideas back and forth. These are my most favorite clients; the ones that pour their heart and soul into the process. Not only did she have an amazing experience…but I met a new friend. I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you so much for trusting me! xoxo


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